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2018 Officers

2018-2019 Officers of Crestview #2624

Left to right: Esquire - Frank Cabigting, PER; Loyal Knight - Darwin Leatherman, PDDGER; Lecturing Knight - Lenaya Deitchman; Leading Knight - Ron Powell, PER; Treasurer - Jim Cauley; Tiler - Shirley Johnson; Chaplain - Debbie Buckles; 1 Year Trustee - Mary Ann Piner; Secretary - Betty Clark, PDDGER; Inner Guard - Toni Cabigting, PER.

Not in photo: Exalted Ruler - Margaret Stanley; 2 Year Trustee - Stephen Piner; 3 Year Trustee - Mark Smith, PER; 4 Year Trustee - Jim Wright; 5 Year Trustee - Jeri Jones.


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This Week at Crestview Lodge #2624

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