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Our monthly Hodge Podge Newsletter is made possible by the generous contributions of our members. If you would like to support the Hodge Podge, send your $36.00 donation for 1 year to our Secretary, Margaret Stanley.

Our thanks to the following for their support!

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Name Expiration

Judy Brinkley

May 2019

Deb & Rich Buckles

October 2019

PER Frank & PER Toni Cabingting

June 2019

Jim Cauley

May 2019

Bill & Betty Clark

July 2019

Bob & Jean Daniel

October 2019

Chris & Tracy Gordon

July 2019

Frank & Linda Hayes

March 2019

Ingrid Hoomes

June 2019

LouAnn McConnell

June 2020

Stephen & Mary Ann Piner

October 2020

Dennis & Dawn Pochell, PER

December 2018

Richard & Janet Sprinkle

December 2018

Margaret Stanley

December 2019

James Wright

June 2019

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