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Question and Answer

19 January 2011 ERs/Secretaries, In reference to the question asked at the DD clinic 15 Jan 2011, where does it say the lounge must be closed and Elks must attend or leave, here is the answer. Section 16.090. All Homes, Clubs, Club Rooms and Social Parlors shall be closed during the hours of all regular and special meetings of the Lodge, except those facilities thereof designated for the use of and then being used only by the non-Member spouses and minor children of the Members of the Lodge, providing the use does not interfere with the proper functioning of Lodge meeting. Any Lodge violating this Section under any pretext whatever shall be liable to a forfeiture of its Charter. It seems to me that if you are allowed to have only “non-member” spouses and minor children of Lodge members left then all of the Elks must have gone to the meeting or left the building. Fraternally, Dave David P. Cagle, DDGER Fort Walton 1795 Northwest District 1840

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